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Wired Handheld Microphone Rental

Shure SM58 Handheld Mic

This Dynamic Vocal Microphone is the most popular microphone in the world.  Why?  It’s best known for it’s consistency, durability, and quality.  Whether you’re a DJ, emcee, or singer, you can count on the SM58 to perform well and make you sound great.  Additionally, it can be used to mic guitar cabinets, brass, and other instruments.

Shure Beta 58A Handheld Mic

The Beta 58A is a supercardioid dynamic vocal microphone is a top performance mic.  It offers maximum isolation form other sound sources and gives high gain before feedback. That makes this mic a great option for live performance and noisy environments.  If you’re looking for superior performance in a handheld microphone, this is the one to choose.

Rental Includes:  One microphone
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Shure SM58

Shure BETA 58A

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