Livestreaming Secrets for Virtual Live Events

Ever wonder how live-streamers and virtual events stay online with such a strong connection?
You’ve likely already know that you need fast internet plugged into your computer via ethernet cable.

Allow me to let you in on an industry secret….


Use all of your Internet connections at the same time

SPEEDIFY is a service that allows you to use ALL of your internet connections at once.  Yep, you heard that right.  Connect your ethernet, WiFi, and even a mobile hotspot at the same time.  Then, bond them together for a secure and stable stream – that’s faster than ever!

How Does it Work?

SPEEDIFY is the only VPN to offer channel bonding.  Not only will it protect your privacy but it works in the background to boost speeds like a boss!  Simply download it onto your computer or mobile device and launch it.  Next, connect multiple internet connections and choose your Bonding Mode (we recommend “streaming” mode). 

SPEEDIFY works intelligently in the background to combine your connection – boosting speed and reliability.  You can also monitor your stream at all times and run speed tests inside the app.  Ah, peace of mind!

What Does it Cost?

There’s a free version so that you can get started today.  However, we recommend the unlimited plan.  It’s incredibly affordable (and truly unlimited).

The great folks at SPEEDIFY graciously allow us to share the following special discounts with our clients.
Simply click the button below for a discount and mention when signing up.