Wireless DMX Lighting Control Kit



DMX Wireless Receiver & Transmitter

Eliminate cords, remove trip hazards, and save on setup time.  The Donner wireless DMX allows you to control any DMX device wirelessly.  It’s the simply way to control lighting, fog machines, hazers, and more. Use up to 8 transmitters with 1 receiver.

No time delay when signal data is transmitting.  Signal date is processed reliably, in real time.  It automatically jumps 126 channels, for high anti-jamming ability.  DMX512 transmits standard DMX513 protocol data.

slim par can lights can paint any venue with color in minutes.  Their compact design makes them portable, yet powerful.  Whether your lighting a wedding reception venue, or a conference space, these lights will do the trick.  Using the remote control, you can easily select the color of your choice, scroll through modes.  Lights can also be controlled via DMX (controller not included).

Rental Includes: One transmitter and receiver – 8 available (DMX controller not included).