Video Projection Screen


This professional video screen comes in two sizes. Our Small Screen is 10 feet wide and suitable for events with 50 people or less. Our Large Screen is 20 feet wide and is best for events over 50 people.

Due to the nature of the lycra spandex material, both front and rear projection are possible.  The screen can be stretched into 16 configurations, with the provided attachments.

For best results, use our ultra short-throw projector for indoor events and our standard-throw projector for outdoor events. If you wish to add lighting, the truss will support up to 200 lbs. The screen fabric has been treated with flame-retardant for the safety of your guests and easily sets up and tears down in 20 minutes.

Need a Sound System with your Video Screen?
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Rental Includes:  Truss, tripod stands, lycra spandex screen, attachment bungie cords, and assembly tools.