UPS Battery Back-Up and Surge Protector 1350VA



Make sure your event is protected in case of a power outage or surge. This Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) has a battery back up that automatically kicks in, in the event of a power outage. A display on the front of the unit shows how many minutes of battery power you have left. An alarm can be enabled or disabled, depending on your preference.

  • 10 outlets – 6 battery backup and surge protection, 4 surge protection only.
  • 1080-joule rating – Absorbs a high amount of energy to adequately protect your equipment and prolong the life of the unit.
  • 6′ cord length – Offers a variety of placement options.
  • LED status display – Illuminates when you need to replace the battery or when there is a building wiring fault.
  • USB connectivity – Provides management of the UPS via a USB port.

Rental Includes: UPS Battery Back-Up and Surge Protector 1350VA