FUSE MRK 1 Portable Bi-Color LED Light Kit


MRK 1 Portable LED Video Light

Slim Bi-Color LED Kit

The MRK 1 is a small LED light with a ton of features and accessories. It’s the perfect option for small sit-down video shoots or online meetings where you need to look your best and brightest.

  • Edge-Lit Diffusion: 76 Bi-color LED Lights pass through a 3 layer diffusion system to create 1 soft light panel to eliminate eye strain and glare on glasses
  • Magnetic Magic: It takes 3 seconds to set up and take down the MRK1 with the patent-pending magnetic mounting system that joins the rubberized ball to a rear ball socket for over 60 degrees of adjustability..
  • Absolute Control: 10 dimmable brightness and color from 2500-5600K and 85-1800 Lux @ .5m for a professional level photography and broadcast feel. Stream or call with confidence day or night.
  • Built-in Power: 6 hrs of light at 50% brightness, The MRK 1’s compact power system intelligently switches to outlet power once the battery is fully charged, which avoids overheating and extends the battery lifespan.
  • Premium Materials: The MRK 1 neck is machined from anodized hardened aluminum which is stronger, and lighter than its plastic alternative. It is a perfect accessory for your iMac, iPhone, photo and video equipment.
  • No Clips, No Clamps, No Hassle: The lighting kit includes an adhesive monitor mount, and weighted desk stand for more mobility. Keep your Monitor Mount at your home office and use your Desk Stand on the go.

Rental Includes: MRK 1 Light with magnetic mount, desk stand, mounting arm, charging cable and brick, and carry case.