Shark Slider Nano Motorized Camera Slider


This camera slider offers smooth slides and pans to heighten the quality of your video production. It can be used vertically or horizontally. The quiet motors propel your camera along the track that provides 2-in-1 bidirectional movement using a top or bottom carriage to extend the slider up to 15.7″ sliding length to either side when mounted on a tripod.

The touchscreen allows you to control settings and movement, and it allows you to change between specialized preset DSLR modes or smartphone modes to utilize time-lapse, speed, keyframing, start/stop, and more. You can also control the slider using the free iOS/Android Moco app that provides control over time-lapse, photo shutter and camera start/stop using the included shutter cables for select cameras, and stop-motion animation movements.


  • Compact, portable motorized slider with quiet, brushless motors
  • Supports up to 7.7 lb horizontally
  • Supports up to 4.4 lb vertically
  • Supports up to 5.5 lb mounted on a tripod
  • IPS touchscreen control
  • LANC port for remote camera control
  • Up to 15.7″ of camera travel (bidirectional on a tripod), 16.5″ total length
  • iOS and Android control app with time-lapse and stop-motion effects
  • Robust aluminum and stainless steel build
  • Uses widely available LP-E6-type batteries

Rental Includes: Motorized slider with 3/8 and 1/4 mount, NP-F750 battery, and protective foam case.
Available Upon Request:Canon Shutter Control Cable N3, Sony Shutter Control Cable S2, Panasonic/Leica Shutter Control Cable L1, Nikon Shutter Control Cable DC2, Fujifilm Shutter Control Cable E2