JBL EON One MRK 2 Portable Battery-Powered PA System

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Portable Battery-Powered Sound System

The JBL EON One MK2 is lightweight, easy to transport, and sets up in seconds. It’s 5-channel integrated mixer with built-in effects allow to dial in your sound and play music wirelessly, via Bluetooth. You can also control the system remotely via the JBL Pro Connect App. With six hours of battery power, you can have professional sound anywhere.

Flexible Power Options

MK2 is a rechargeable battery-powered PA system, you can carry on a show for up to six hours without the need to worry about power! And given its Variable Power Performance technology, the show will always go on whether you’re using AC or battery power. Plus, you can also tap 4dB of extra headroom when using AC power.

Maximum Coverage. Small Footprint.

It’s geometric “C” configuration of eight tweeters and a 10-inch woofer provide 140 degrees of horizontal coverage and 30 degrees of vertical coverage. This makes it a perfect choice for clubs, coffeehouse gigs, weddings, conferences, and banquets. If you’re seeing  There’s no need to use monitors. Now, you can use the same speaker and hear what your audience hears.

Rental Includes: JBL EON One MK2, with integrated mixer, user guide, and power cable.