How to Evaluate and Improve In-Person & Virtual Live Events

The other day I was writing a down a website for someone as my friend, a web developer, looked over my shoulder.  

Trying to achieve peak penmanship, I carefully wrote…

My friend stopped me…
“Jeff, you don’t have to write world wide web.  Your internet browser does that automatically.”

Hmm… Really?  I guess I knew that but my brain reverted to what it had done for so long. 

When it comes to live events (in-person or virtual), the same thing often happens.  We tend to do things the way we’ve always done them unless we stop and evaluate what’s most effective.

In this case, the WWW. is essential.

A Simple Strategy for Post-Event Reflection

WWW. is part of our Post-Event Debrief.  If you’ve ever worked with us, you’ve likely been a part of this process in the green room or on ZOOM.  The entire team gathers and answers these questions.

  • What Went Wrong?
  • What Went Well?
  • What Will We (do next time)?

This discussion is recorded, in detail, and is the first thing we look at when planning the next event.  This simple process can help you save time and get better with each event that you deliver.  Try it after your next event.

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