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Bring a lawn chair, grab the popcorn, and relax as you enjoy your favorite movie, under the night sky. Nothing brings families together like a movie on the big screen. Each movie screen rental includes the screen, ultra-bright projector, sound system, and delivery and set up from our friendly crew.

Our screen sits in a frame that rests gently on the ground, so there’s no damage to your grass or landscaping. The stands automatically adjust to uneven ground, which makes it safer and improves the viewing experience. After the movie, lights automatically illuminate so that guests can gather belongings and exit safely.

Company & Community Events

Are you hosting a public event (such as company, church, or community gathering)? If so, you’ll need to a non-theatrical film license in order to legally show a movie publicly. Purchasing a DVD or downloading a movie gives you a “private viewing license”. Once you leave your property and invite the public, a “public-viewing license” is required.

Criterion USA and Swank Motion Pictures provides licenses for most major films. Criterion represents SearchLight Pictures and 20th Century Studios. Swank represents Disney, Paramount, Warner Brothers, Sony, and Dreamworks, and more.

Rates vary depending on studio, movie title, and event date with costs ranging from $250 to $600.  Please note that we are not allowed to obtain the license for you, but you can click one of the links above to request a quote from the studio.

Residential Events

Movies shown on your property do not require a license as this is considered “home viewing”. This makes it more affordable for small family events. 

Movie Screen Sizes

We offer two screen sizes so that you can find the perfect fit for your event!

  • Our 20 foot screen is the most popular choice for medium to large audiences, up to 500 people.
  • Our 10 foot screen, is best suited for smaller backyard events with up to 50 people.

What’s the Best Time for an Outdoor Movie?

We recommend starting a movie 30-45 minutes after sundown. You may be able to start earlier, if your area is shaded by trees, tall buildings, or clouds.

Click here to check the sunset time for your event date. Our crew members will help you determine the best start time.

If you need to start your event earlier, you can use an indoor venue (such as a barn) or place the screen under a covered tent with walls covering 3-4 sides. We’ve helped clients show movies in the daytime, using these options. For the best viewing experience, you’ll want your environment to be as dark as possible.


Video Projection Screen Backyard

Our small (10 foot) screen set up for a backyard party.

Texas State flag flying in the sky.

Rent an Outdoor Movie Screen 
Our video projection screens are available for rental in Henderson, Texas and available for events in Henderson, Longview, Tyler, Nacadoches, Kilgore, Carthage, Marshall, Tatum, Mt. Enterprise, Jacksonville, Hallsville, Jefferson, Gladewater, Whitehouse, Gary City, and all other cities in East Texas.


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