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Media Show Control & Automation

Automate Your Show Cues

Show Control Software

What do Disney, Broadway, and the 2018 Olympics have in common?  They all use QLab to automate hundreds of audio, video, lighting, and special effects cues.   Now you can use the same software for your next live event.  With QLab, you can automate virtually anything that you can plug in.  Yes, we mean everything!

Show Control Hardware 

What if you could eliminate sound guys, light guys, and yelling “Can you play the next song?” from stage.  Our hardware solutions offer remote control for the solo performer/presenter.  Take control of each and every cue, with the push of a button. 

Professional Solutions for Audio, Video, Lighting, and More!

All of our touring shows use QLab and a remote system.  Now you can too.  Need help getting setup?  Hire us to program your show and teach you how to automate your cues.

QLab Show Control
by Figure 53

An all-in one professional software solution for programming audio, video, lighting, and more.  Requires Mac OS.

MediaStar Pro Remote
by Live Show Control

Control your mobile phone, iPad, or computer.  Compatible with QLab, Go Button, Keynote, Power Point, Apple Music, Show Cues, One Track, Windows Media Player, Best Boy, and more.  Built-in SD card.

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