L.I.V.E. Dash

A Turn-Key Platform for Virtual Live Events

Expected Launch: June 2021

We believe…
Hosting an event shouldn’t require a Degree in Technology
Attendees should say WOW before your event starts

Audio/Video quality should be top-notch
Participation should be rewarded

L.I.V.E Dash automates the time-consuming (and often frustrating) behind-the-scenes technology so that you can focus on showing up and presenting your event.  Your attendees will see a custom-branded web dashboard where they can access everything, earn points for participation, and navigate between main sessions, breakouts, and sponsor booths.  Think of it as your virtual venue.

Our team builds and test your L.I.V.E. Dash experience in-house.  Each is custom-tailored around your brand.  It’s built on top of ZOOM, the most interactive and in-demand video conference platform on the planet.  Say goodbye to bad audio/video quality!  We offer HD video/audio and a host of features that you can’t even buy.  The result is the most interactive, dependable, and customizable experience available.  


  • Custom Web Dashboard (branded login page, customizable buttons, resources, newsfeed, and more)
  • Participation Points (automatically reward participation/engagement)
  • Attendee Analytics (track attendance and engagement)
  • ZOOM Enterprise License (HD 1080p audio/video and many features you can’t even buy)
  • Built-In Process for Check-In, Help Desk, and Main Session.
  • Sponsor Booths
  • Unlimited attendees (stress tested with 30,000+)
  • Attendee Groups & Tagging (control what attendees see based on their registration and actions.  i.e. VIP, General Admission)

Are you interested in seeing a demo of L.I.V.E. Dash?  Contact us.  

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