Hybrid Live Event Production

We specialize in creating a uniquely interactive experience where in-person and virtual attendees feel equally connected and valued.

Increase Your Impact & Income

Grow Your Audience

In-person events require travel and time, limiting attendance. Adding virtual registration expands your audience and removes barriers to attend.

Expand Your Reach

Turn your large event into several small satellite events that are more intimate and engaging. Together, we’ll maximize your impact.

Repurpose Your Content

You’ll learn how to use content captured from a single event to easily create add-on events, all with unique, “can’t-miss” experiences.

Did You Know?

You can increase sales by up to 13% by following our hybrid event model.

Most hybrid events only see a 5% conversion rate from their virtual audience.

Our Engagement by Design method improves the experience for both in-person and virtual attendees.
As a result, you’ll improve your connection with the audience, resulting in greater sales.

What’s the best way to produce a hybrid event?

We get this question a lot and love answering it, so we made a mini-course to teach you our secrets!

Learn types of hybrid live events that are working today and how to maximize engagement, impact, and income. The majority of event planners approach hybrid the wrong way and, as a result, their events fail. You’re smarter than that!

Grab our “Succeeding with Hybrid Events” Mini-Course for a behind-the-scenes look at how we’re doing hybrid differently and helping clients, like you, succeed.

Hybrid Live Event Audience