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Hosted by Julie Nemitz, with special guest Jeff Veley

Julie Nemitz (of Creatives Going Digital, LLC) interviews Jeff Veley, Executive Producer of Veley Productions.  Learn how Veley Productions weathered the pandemic and how he uses his expertise in virtual live events to support organizations and creative makers all over the world.

Looking to improve or implement virtual live events?  QLab is a software that makes digital productions much easier to produce.   QLab is trusted by Disney, Broadway, the 2018 Olympics and theaters around the world to simplify tech cues.  Learn how to use QLab to control your slides, video, microphone, music and more.  Veley Productions is offering a QLab Implementation Workshop where you can work with Jeff live to program your show.

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  • How Creatives can Survive and Thrive
  • The Legacy of Digital Content
  • Benefits of Virtual vs. In-Person Live Events
  • The #1 Mistake Event Planners Make
  • Understanding Your Virtual Event Type
  • Virtual Platforms to Avoid
  • How to Simplify & Automate your Tech Cues

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