Frequently Asked Questions

Allow us to answer your questions about working with Veley Productions

Booking-Related Questions

Q:  How soon should I book my event?
A:  Please contact us as soon as possible.  Some events book up to a year in advance.

Q:  Do you operate the equipment if I rent it?
A:  This is not included but we do offer to add this, at the time of booking.  We’re happy to handle all of the details and help make your event stress-free.

Q:  Can I pick up the equipment I’m renting?
A:  Some items are available for pick up while others require delivery and set up by our crew.  Please refer to the rental item description on our website.  Generally speaking, our all-in-one systems include delivery, pick up, set up, and tear down by our staff whereas individual items are usually picked up and returned by the customer. 

Q:  Do you have liability insurance?
A:  Yes, we are fully insured.  Please contact us for proof of insurance.  We are happy to provide a certificate and list you as additional insured if requested.  Please contact our office at least 7 days prior to your event.

Q:  Do you offer refunds if I cancel or reschedule?
A:  Please see your Program Agreement or Rental Agreement for our Rescheduling & Cancellation Policies.

Q:  Can I see your equipment in person?
A:  Unfortunately our rental items are not on display and are often being used for an event.  We are happy to provide pictures and answer any questions that you may have.

Q:  Do you require a deposit and contract?  When and how do I pay?
A:  Yes.  We require a 50% retainer and a signed agreement to secure your event date and reserve any rental items.  Retainers for rental items are non-refundable.  The remaining balance is due on the date of your event or when returning rental items.  We accept payments via cash, credit card, and/or check.  Please note that our crew cannot process credit cards on-site. 

Q:  Do you charge for delivery?
A:  Yes.  Cost is calculated per mile from our space in on the northwest side of Grand Rapids, MI.  Please contact us for a quote.

Q:  Where do you deliver?
A:  We offer deliveries within 30 miles of our office, near downtown Grand Rapids.  This includes Wyoming, Kentwood, Grandville, Lowell, Walker, Jenison, Rockford, Sparta, Cedar Springs, Holland, Zeeland, Grand Haven, Muskegon, Caledonia, Wayland, and all other cities in West Michigan

Q:  Can I reserve a backdrop for an outdoor event?
A:  No.  Backdrops are for indoor use only.

Q:  My event is outdoors.  What if it rains?
A:  We suggest providing an alternative indoor space as a backup, in case of inclement weather. Our crew reserves the right to suspend use of equipment that may be damaged or pose a safety hazard due to precipitation, high winds, etc.  Please see your Program Agreement or Rental Agreement for our Severe Weather & Cancellation Policies. 

Movie Screen Questions

Q:  Do I need a license to show a movie?
*A:  No, if you are hosting a movie at your home (“home-viewing”).  Yes, if you are hosting a public event or using a public place (“public-viewing”).

In order to show a movie to a viewing audience, you must obtain public performance rights, also known as a “non-theatrical” film license.  Licenses for most films are available from Criterion USA and Swank Motion Pictures.  Rates vary depending on studio, movie title, and event date with costs ranging from $250 to $600.  Please note that we are not allowed to obtain the license for you.  We can help guide your through the process.  The cost to rent our screen does not include a film license.  This is not intended as legal advice.

Q:  What time should I start my outdoor movie?
A:  Typically we recommend starting a movie 30-45 minutes after sundown and using our ultra-bright projector. While our projectors are some of the brightest available, they are no competition for the sun. 

Click here to check the sunset time for your event date.  Screen placement and cover (such as trees, buildings, etc) have a great impact on visibility (and start time).  During the daytime, we recommend using an indoor venue, for best display. The second best option is to place the screen under a covered tent with walls covering 3-4 sides.

Event Day Questions

Q:  What time will you arrive for my event?
A:  Arrival times vary based on the service or rental equipment selected.  Please refer to your Program Agreement or Rental Agreement for specific times.

Q:  Do I need to provide access to power?
A:  Yes, most items require power.  If you do not have access to an electrical outlet/adequate power source, let us know at the time of booking.

Q:  What if I need help during my event?
A:  Don’t worry.  You’ll have access to our Emergency Event Line.  Simply call to be connected to a supervisor.

Q:  How much space is needed?
A:  This varies per item/service.  Please refer to your Program or Rental Agreement.

Q:  What if there is bad weather?
A:  Generally, the retainer can be applied towards another event booked within 90 days of the rained-out event date.  Note that the retainer is non-refundable. Please see your Program or Rental Agreement for our Severe Weather & Cancellation Policies.  Please remember, you are responsible for the equipment while it is in your possession.  If it starts to rain, immediately disconnect power and move items to a sheltered area.  Our crew reserves the right to suspend the use of equipment that may be damaged or pose a safety hazard.

Q:  How do I pay the balance?
A:  You may pay our on-site crew on the day of your event or when returning rental items to our location.  We accept payments via cash, credit card, and or check.  Please note that our crew cannot process credit cards on-site. 

Q:  Will I be charged if my rental items are returned late?
A:  Yes.  Items that are returned late will be charged an additional rental fee per day.  See your Rental Agreement for the date and time that your equipment must be returned. 

General Questions

Q:  Do you offer virtual or hybrid events?
Yes, we do.  Check out our Virtual Event Services.  We can produce your entire event, consult, or teach you how to do it yourself.

Q:  Where are you located?
A:  Our equipment rental location is on the southeast side of Grand Rapids, near the intersection of Breton and Hall, bordering East Grand Rapids.  Please see your Rental Agreement for pick up/drop off information.

Our mailing address is…
Veley Productions
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