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Letter from Our Founder

Since 2020, event hosts, communicators, and organizations are struggling to reach their audiences amidst growing challenges and an uncertain future. During this time, many innovations were realized. This has forever changed live events for the better.

For over the last 12 years, we’ve empowered over 1 million people through innovative live experiences. Research continues to show that while in-person events are making a massive comeback, virtual live events are leading in sales and attendance.

The two greatest obstacles in the virtual world are attendee engagement and technology. We’re here to help you master both! If you want your event to succeed, you must focus on engagement first (engagement by design). Most people approach a virtual event like an all-day webinar and fail.  Attendee experience is still #1. Technology is paramount as it is the bridge that connects you to your audience.

We’ve been producing virtual events since before the pandemic. This gave us a competitive edge in the industry and allowed us to go virtual quickly, all while innovating new technology. Since then we have launched several new products and services. Our Enhancing Virtual Live Events” training has helps you create a virtual event strategy that perfectly fits your scenario.  The Virtual Event Tech Accelerator Program is filled with instructional tutorials on audio/visual solutions and online event dashboards.  Additionally, we offer virtual event services such as consulting, remote support, and on-site event management.

Together, we can build a virtual or hybrid experience that you can be proud of!

Helping Your Event Thrive,

Jeff Veley

Founder/Executive Producer


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