Consulting & Coaching with Jeff Veley

One-on-One Sessions Focused on Your Goals

If you need one-on-one help with your material, Jeff Veley offers personal instruction, via video.  Whether you’re feeling “stuck” in your business or looking to refine your presentation, Jeff can help you map out the next steps and provide feedback along the way.  Jeff offers consulting and coaching for event planners, communicators, and entertainers.

How Does It Work?

1. Fill out the application form (below).
2. Pay for your session and pick a time that works for you.
3. Use the special link to join the video chat with Jeff at your scheduled time.

You’ll be amazed how much can be accomplished in one hour with Jeff.  We often hear that people gained “incredible clarity” and were “no longer stuck” after a single session.  All that’s needed is a high-speed internet connection and computer or mobile device with a camera.


Ten 60-min sessions – $1,997
Ten 30-min sessions – $1,000
60 min – $200
30 min – $110

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