What’s a Virtual Command Center?

Some call it a video village, ZOOMZILLA, or land of many cords.  Simply put, a Virtual Command Center is the where the tech is located for your virtual live event.  

Whether your event is big or small, I’d encourage you to designate a space where you can build and test different tech components.  On our blog, you’ll see plenty of examples – from simple to complex setups.    We hope that it’s a source of inspiration and information for you and your business.

Planning Your Virtual Live Event

As we are helping clients (and our own touring shows) pivot to virtual live events, we have been setting up new Command Centers, with all of the equipment needed to “GO LIVE” at a moments notice.  The feeling of being prepared to broadcast anytime, is a major stress reliever. 

On this blog, I break down my main Command Centers and how I use them, so that you can build your own.  When it comes to virtual live events, we find ourselves putting events in two categories: broadcast and interactive.

Virtual Live Event Categories

Livestream Broadcast

Think live TV or a call-in show format

Interactive Live Event

An online conference (keynotes, breakouts, etc.)

Choosing which experience you want your audience to have is the first step before choosing the tech.  Live-stream software solutions, especially have strengths and weaknesses.  Just like you wouldn’t drive a nail with a wrench, it’s important that you choose the right tools for the task.  Before setting up your Command Center (the space holding all of your gear and controls), consider whether you’ll be running the tech yourself or if you’ll have help.  This decision will guide how you setup your space.

A picture of Command Center 2.0, in my home studio.

Getting Started

In most cases, it’s best to start building with what you have.  I started filming with two iPhones and controlled it with an iPad, plus an app called Switcher Studio

Now, my setup is more sophisticated.  As my client’s needs change, so does my arrangement.  You can see my grocery list of gear and learn how I use it.  Check out these articles on mobile Command Center 1, Multi-ZOOM Command Center 2.0, studio Command Center 3.0, and livestream Command Center 4.0.

Don’t buy more than you need.  Keep it simple and don’t allow yourself to get distracted.  The key is consistency and efficiency, not complexity.

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