About Us

Our Purpose

Veley Productions exists to provide professional solutions to those that communicate through live events and multimedia.

We believe that a single event in someone’s life can make a lasting impact.  For that reason, we keep dreaming up new ways to reach people and create live experiences that share valuable messages.  To put it simply, we love empowering people both onstage and behind-the-scenes.

Our History

For over 50 years, the Veley name has been synonymous with quality entertainment starting with rock guitarist and sound engineer, Larry Veley.  Through producing benefit concerts, he and his band helped many people in need.  Learning the craft, his trusty stagehand and son, Jeff, continued the tradition after Larry’s passing in 2004.

In 2011, Jeff and friends established “Where You Going Productions”, which used entertainment and education to reach at-risk youth.   Beginning in the basement at Jeff grandparent’s house in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the company has grown to reach over one million people through live events and multimedia. 

Between tours, the team offered equipment rental to local organizations seeking quality gear at a competitive price.  Through these relationships, the equipment rental division was born and grew, with many unique items.  

In 2019, we added an additional office in Dallas, Texas and changed our name to Veley Productions.  We are excited to continue the legacy of the Veley family and grow in two thriving communities.

Larry Veley with his favorite guitar

First video shoot with Production Team

Dynomite Magic cast in “Theater of Magic”

A 50-year legacy of quality entertainment and friendly service.

We’re a family business with old school values and big hearts.  That’s why we love empowering people through live events.  We can’t wait to offer you our Golden Rule Customer Service and help plan an event that you’ll be proud of.

Letter from Our Founder

Veley Productions was birthed out of my family’s passion for making a difference through live events.  As a kid, I grew up in the entertainment industry.  My dad, a touring musician, was known for his unique playing style, witty sense of humor, and a gentle character that would befriend you within minutes.  Before his passing in 2004, he taught me many lessons.  The greatest were valuing people and opportunities.  I learned to never to settle for “good enough”, not to cancel an event unless you couldn’t get out of bed, and to always look for ways to give back and help others.  While our team and mission have grown, these remain core principles in our business today.

We have had the pleasure of working with some of the finest professionals in the industry to create unique projects, programs, and live events that impact across the globe.  We’ve reached over 1 million people and even worked alongside the U.S. Secret Service to manage a Presidential event.  Through all of this, our goals have remained the same.  We strive to create unique solutions, build strong relationships, and use our talents and resources to empower others.  It’s an honor to bring this passion to over 300 events each year.

I hope that our team will have the opportunity to help you create a memorable experience for your audience very soon.  We look forward to dreaming and creating with you!

Jeff Veley
Founder|Executive Producer